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Geography. Topics in Literature. Visual Arts Experience.

These three classes, although diverse, all have something in common. I am required to take and pass all of them before I graduate from college.  

Yes, these are just a few examples of my gen eds.

Anyone who has attended or is attending college knows the joys of these classes.  

I would like to know why I have to memorize and learn the entire plot of Beowulf in order to teach preschool.  

Maybe I can teach them the story after I show them the location of every country, capital and landmark on our world’s map. This seems like an effective option.  

With all criticism and joking aside, I do understand the point of these classes is to make you a more well-rounded person.  

I love to learn, so, for the most part, I enjoy learning what these classes have to offer. I would enjoy them even more if I was not spending hundreds of dollars to do so.  

When it comes to making my class schedule, I would much rather have the bulk of my classes be education classes, but that is not the case.  

However, maybe that is a good thing.

I will admit, I do get frustrated when I have to do extra work for classes that are not in my major, but when I step back and look, I gain a better perspective.  

These classes are teaching me patience. They show me that I am so excited for my future career that I am willing to partake in a lot of classes that I do not want to and making the most of it.  

To me, this teaches a life lesson: doing what needs to be done and making the most of it.  

Even though I am excited to get into more of my education classes and the teaching field, these classes remind me that I still have a lot to learn before I am ready for that next step.

Gen ed classes present a different viewpoint on issues and problems in our world today, showing me I am part of the generation that needs to do something about it.

I may not be going into the field these classes are in, but they make me reflect on how I can fix a problem or help manage it through my career, and that is a big part of what needs to be done today.

If it takes a few classes that I do not want to take, and a few thousand dollars to make the world a better place, then so be it.  

I will have to trust in the end that it will all work out and keep pushing my way through a play about a man who was eaten by a dragon.


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