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Generation Y, Generation Now, Internet Generation, Gen Next.


According to, this group includes individuals born between 1982 and 2004.  

Lately, this generation has had a negative connotation associated with it. Most people expect millennials to be closed-minded, looking to rebel against anything and everything. Typical teenagers.     

There is a list a mile long about what people find wrong with millennials, but there is a side that gets pushed, well, to the side.  

Millennials are often viewed as not knowing how to handle money and not knowing the value of it. 

Strange, huh? 

Consider this: more than 81 percent of millennials have donated either money or goods to those in need, as compared to the baby boomer generation, where only 41 percent show donation or charitable contribution. 

This is what we all were supposed to be taught, to help the less fortunate.  

From this, we are able to see that the millennial generation has more empathy and understanding than generations before.   

Another secret about millennials. Those teenagers you are trying to, or already have raised, may not have a rebellious phase.

More than 75 percent of millennials view themselves as authentic and unwilling to compromise their family or personal values.  

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t we supposed to raise our kids to be free and self thinkers? At what point did standing up for what you believe in become a bad thing?  

Is it just a bad thing when it is something that we do not agree with?  

I think this is where different generations lose each other.  

Beliefs differ among generations. Each one seems to be more hard-headed than the next.  

This creates a long chain of confusion and ignorance.     

For some reason, a large majority of people feel that if they cannot have exactly what they want, then they do not want it at all.

I disagree. 

It is important to stand up for your values and to have principles, but it shows how much stronger a person you are when you are able to compromise, if that’s what the situation warrants. 

I think what is missing most from society today is the simple ability to listen and understand.  

The world is an ever-changing place and it is our job to incorporate those changes. This is where millennials, again, come into play. 

Millennials are viewed to care more about the environment and those around them.  

Millennials see the future ahead of them and are busily preparing for it, whether or not prior generations like the direction millennials view.   

Maybe it is time we take a page out of the millennials’ playbook and show support for those inheriting our future.  

Millennials are a strange breed.

You never know what you are going to get with each one, but it is time to support them and see where they lead us.  

After all, millennials are the leaders of tomorrow.  


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