Hanging flowers

Keeping pots and hanging baskets looking great till late fall requires some simple steps.  

Deadheading is removing the old flowers. This allows the plants to put energy in producing more flowers rather than developing seed. 

Cutting back is important on plants that grow aggressively. 

 If your plants get lanky, don’t be afraid to chop them back. This will force the plant to produce side or more lateral shoots, so eventually you will get more blooms.  

Plants are a lot like people, the more you feed and water them the bigger they get. Feed with a slow release fertilizer like Osmocote early in the season and then supplement feed with a water soluble plant food like Jack’s Classic every 10 days or so.  If you do not use the Osmocote, feed once per week and heavy feeders like petunias and calibrachoa twice a week during height of the summer.  Do a good job of watering and you are set.


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