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Start the resolution revolution.

Just kidding. If resolutions were set for the new year, I already lost on New Year’s day.

I’m more of a goal-setting girl.

As 2019 approached, I began contemplating the things I would like to accomplish. Some are short-term projects; others long-range goals that may not be completed this year.

Still, I’ll work hard to see progress on each goal.

That’s what new year, new you is really about: progress.

I mentioned to Scott that I wanted to complete a non-fiction book proposal I’ve been toying with for the past five years. Research is underway - has been for a few years - and now, my goal is to have the project near completion by December.

When will I find time?

That may be one of the best parts of owning a smart phone. When I view the screen time section on my phone and see how much time I spend on it, divided into categories and by app, there’s definitely time to work on this project.

Another goal I plan to work on involves reading. I used to read 25 or more books a year. In 2018, though, the same book has been perched on my nightstand. I’ve read 75 pages.


Now, each evening, my goal is to read for 15 minutes. So far, so good.

One more goal I’d like to tackle: using Fitbit to its full potential. Why wear it if you don’t use it?

Sure, it tracks steps and measures sleep.

And, based on that data, I know I need to take more steps and get more sleep.

I also need to drink more water and log food intake and record those yoga sessions.

A year ago, I pledged to get on the treadmill every morning and walk a mile or two before work. For six months, I faithfully fulfilled that goal.

Then, I wrenched my knee in June and the last thing I wanted to do was walk, even though it relieved pain.

This year, I’m getting back on track.

Family time is another goal. Spending quality time with loved ones hit home when my dad had a health scare in July and again in August and again a few days before Christmas.

Every day is a blessing; so are the people we care the most about. I’ve made it a priority to spend several hours with him every week.

Sometimes, we may watch Jeopardy to see which one of us knows more about trivial pursuits; other times, we discuss Husker football or whatever news of the day piques his interest.

Looks like 2019 will keep me busy and that’s fine with me.

Let the goal-setting revolution begin.


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