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When daughter Courtney announced she and boyfriend, Richard, were getting married and wanted a fall-themed wedding, the first words out of my mouth weren’t congratulatory.

Instead, I told them, “Schedule it on bye week.” I refused to skip a home Husker game, especially since a Frost warning had been issued earlier in the year. I didn’t want to miss any thrills and chills the season would provide.

Arranging a wedding the week of an away game was too difficult to plan.

“You never know what time kickoff will be,” I told the couple.

Besides, I didn’t want to be one of “those” guests.

You know the type: glued to the television or hiding earbuds behind my hair, watching or listening to every play, instead of being tuned in to the wedding reception my hard-earned bucks are paying for.

So save-the-dates were distributed for an Oct. 27 wedding.

Then the Sept. 1 debacle happened.

A wild storm brewed over Lincoln, lightning cutting across the sky faster than an Adrian Martinez to Stanley Morgan, Jr., screen pass across the middle.

A proposed Sunday game turned into a cancellation and speculation about filling the bye week.

“Mom, what about the wedding?”

In September, when Nebraska AD Bill Moos announced the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats would roll into the 402, I received a Facebook message, text and phone call, all within a minute, from Courtney.

She felt the need to send three separate messages because I didn’t respond quick enough.

It was a Tuesday - deadline day - and I don’t answer any messages or calls, unless it’s an emergency.

All read the same. “Please tell me you aren’t going to the football game on my wedding day.”

I thought about making her stew for a bit, wait five or 10 minutes to reply, but something told me she actually thought I’d skip the nuptials for a trip to LNK.

She understands my devotion to the scarlet and cream, appreciates that Nebraska football gamedays in Lincoln are family tradition. Always have been, always will be.

Thank goodness the BTN crew realized my dilemma and scheduled an 11 a.m. TV kickoff.

But, if the game ended by 1:30 p.m., could I arrive in Clearwater in time to walk down the aisle at 4:30?

Maybe if we owned Schindler Dairy Air and could fly home.

Nothing wrong with decorating for the reception during the first half. Plenty of time to scream “Go Big Red” or jump for joy as J.D. Spielman sprints a punt return into the end zone, even as the photographer arranges groupings for pictures.

Nothing wrong with spending gameday with family and friends, cheering loudly while putting final touches on wedding details.

Something old and new, something borrowed and go big red.

Saturday offered a win-win. Huskers cruised to success. Our daughter and her family are complete.

But a cautionary note to our three remaining children who may eventually tie the knot: December through August are great months for a wedding.


Managing Editor

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