Grove Lake is a spot people enjoy visiting for outdoor sporting activities and a new addition to the Grove Lake Bait Shop has made the site more appealing.

Randy Erb, owner of the bait shop, added a cabin available to rent.

“It’s been in the plans for years, but I never had time to get it done,” said Erb. “People need a place to stay when they come here, so this year we finally built it.”

Nate and Bill Hartigan, of Ewing, constructed the cabin.

Six people can sleep comfortably in the structure, which sits 40 feet away from the shower house. 

This fall, Erb plans to add a bathroom in the cabin.

Since becoming available to rent around July 1, Erb has rented it four times and already has several bookings throughout the year.

The cabin will be available for year-round rental to accommodate fishing, deer, turkey and ice-fishing seasons.

According to Erb, people from all over the country, ranging from Lincoln to Omaha to Texas, have expressed interest in booking the cabin.

With so much interest, Erb said a second could be in the plans.

“If I can pay for this first one, we’ll start building a second one this fall,” Erb said.

On weekends, renters must book the cabin for at least two nights and at least three nights during holidays.

Rental is on a first come, first serve basis.

For a family, the cabin runs $110 dollars a night. After two adults, it is an extra 10 dollars per adult per night.

To make reservations or for more information, contact Erb at the Grove Lake Bait Shop, 402-893-2694.


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